All policies governing the HPSP are contained in the guidelines listed on this page. Enrolled licensees are held accountable to all guidelines. Updates will be posted as changes are made.

OMB Licensee Specific

OSBN Licensee Specific

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HPSP Newsletters: Current Rolling Year

These are the last 12 (rolling) months of newsletters. The current month’s newsletter is published before month’s end. Notification is sent via email/mail when the new issue is posted.

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Need to Report a Health Professional?

Under ORS 676.160 health professionals must report “unprofessional conduct” that is “unbecoming a licensee or detrimental to the best interests of the public, including conduct contrary to recognized standards of ethics of the licensee’s profession or conduct that endangers the health, safety or welfare of a patient or client.” Health professionals are required to report their own conduct and the conduct of other health professionals.

Using the links below, visit the health professional’s board for reporting information:

If there has been no: patient harm, workplace impairment or criminal activity and the licensed health professional is not under investigation, Oregon Medical Board, Oregon State Board of Nursing, and Oregon Board of Pharmacy licensees may self-refer into Oregon’s Health Professionals’ Services Program. See thePotential Participants Tabfor more information.